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by somewhereiwait (somewhereiwait)
at November 8th, 2007 (05:29 am)

I am now taken by the trainwreak that this Supernatural.  The forum and recaps, not the actual show, I don't watch or have a desire to watch the show, the insanity of that corner of TWOP has put me against it.

Anyway,  the recapper, Demain enjoys putting ethnic slurs in his recaps lately.  I used to love his Charmed recaps, they were the reason I started frequenting TWOP in the first place.  I rarely watched that show, his recaps spared me the agony of having to do so.   

So of course the use of those slurs offended some users of the site.  Sadly, I cannot link you to those because Barnes swept those up and away.  Those pesky brats, don't they know it's boards on boards to say something negative about a recap.   However, it is perfectly okay to gush for pages and pages about how you love Barnes and Demain.  But it makes me ponder, aren't those "love" threads considered to be Boards on Boards too?  I clearly remember there being a section in the FAQ's that threads that turned into recapper Love or Hate threads were a big no no.  However, I can't seem to find that part of the FAQs anymore.  So I guess they've recinded their stance on Mod and Recapper ass kissing.  

Someone decided to email one of the site runners about their disgust of the aforementioned recap.  This is the result.  So yeah, the powers that be over there really don't care that people are offended.  No that isn't right, they do care if people are offended, they just don't need to be offended in this case.  People are goofy like that, aren't they? Shame on them for being offended, it is the readers fault not the recappers fault.  

Several letters were sent to Bravo/NBC (their new shiny parent company).  However, I haven't seen a response from that end yet.