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FAQs and general info
by somewhereiwait (somewhereiwait)
at November 7th, 2009 (07:21 am)
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Okay so if you are new and pondering on whether to join this community here's a few little groundrules.

TWOP is owned by Bravo.  I have no afflitiation with BRAVO/NBC Universal.  This is just a lightlearted community to snark on the snark.

  Please do not post any private information about any members of this community or TWOP.  This includes emails, addresses and other personal information.   If you want to "out" your own screenname at TWOP that is fine and your business, but if you prefer to remain anonymous, that's fine too.

This community is to poke fun at the craziness that is TWOP sometimes.  The over strict, over zealous mods; The windbagging nature of the recaps; The over the topness of some of the more dedicated posters.  This is not a community to unleash a nasty assault on any particular person at TWOP.  You can snark on the snark, but if you have overwhelming anger at someone or something on the site, take a deep breath, a goofy site about TV should not be so anger inducing.


Q:  Hey who are you?
A:  I'm just a person who has a love/hate relationship with TWOP.  I like reading the recaps to my favorite shows, and discussing those shows with other people.  However,  sometimes it does it a tad dramatic in there, a stupid poster will say something stupid, a mod goes hogwild handing out warnings and banninations willy nilly.  

Q:  I really, really, really hate [person x] can I talk about this here?
A.  Yes and no.  If you find someone irritating, feel free to vent, but remember your manners.  Also remember that it's just a website and if you find yourself too invested in the drama there, perhaps it is best if you go out, get some air, and think before you post here.

GOOD:  Mod X gave me a warning for X reason, it's bull.  Mod X must have been really bored today, because they are giving a lot of warnings for stupid things.  It must be a slow drama day in the forums.  Discuss.

This is good because it gives a little vent, and gives a jumping off point for discussion. 

BAD:  I hate Mod X, the stupid [dick/bitch/varying choice of genitalia]  gave me a warning for no good reason.  I want to [choice of physical punishment] to Mod X.  He/she/ it will rue the day they ever tried messing me with.  Stupid Fucking Nazi.

This is bad, because threatening physical harm on someone is not cool, and never will be.  Plus it shows a big anger management issue.  If you are in a tizzy over getting a warning, you are too overinvested.  It's time to take a step back and breath and realize you're just posting on a website about TV, not coming up with a cure for cancer.  
Comparing anyone to a Nazi is also a big no, no too.  Unless the mods have gas chambers for banned posters, then it's best not to use that term to describe anyone.  

Q: Why are the posts moderated.  Are you a control freak?
A:  A little bit.  But I'm moderating it for now to filter out any "bad" venting posts.  I will wait and see how this community does, and will reconsider the moderated posting status at a later date.