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It's now officially time to get into the fetal position
by somewhereiwait (somewhereiwait)
at November 7th, 2007 (09:27 am)

So this writers strike seems to have have some people in all a tizzy.  

Yes, the strike is important for everyone that watches TV.  However, I just want to highlight some of the odder thoughts on the situation.

This here is a little extreme 

I'm sorry, but boycotting channels, advertisers and DVDS is not going to make the strike go away.  The only thing that will make a strike go away is for the WGA and the studios to come to an agreement.

In the various show forums some people are losing their shit because they may not get to see a season arc finish.  They don't care about the thousands of people who are out of work because of the strike.  They don't care how it impacts those people, just that they're favorite show will only have a half season this year.


No, it isn't a nightmare for you.  Only getting to see half a season instead of a full season is not a nightmare.  If you worked on one of these shows, and it was your income, only to find that yeah, you have no income for who knows how long.  Then it's a nightmare.  It really irks me that people are only thinking of their own TV habits instead of the true ramifications of the strike. 

I'm sure I can find other instances of asshattery in regards to the strike...however, I'll have to save that for a later date.